ASCD BAHAMAS will help to provide products and services to promote, encourage and enhance teaching and learning.



ASCD Bahamas seeks to provide strategies for addressing the educational challenges faced by Bahamians.


  • To increase the ASCD membership in The Bahamas.
  • To share ideas and strategies to develop educational strategies through collaboration.
  • To maintain reliable, consistent internal communication with members.
  • To create, maintain and update website for local chapter through ASCD Head Office.
  • To network locally and internationally with ASCD members.
  • To support and encourage research, development and the publishing of written materials by local ASCD members.
  • To produce a local newsletter.
  • To liaise with The College of The Bahamas and other tertiary institutions in The Bahamas regarding accreditation for conference attendees.
  • Establish workshops and annual conferences.
  • Support and encourage Educational Tourism through having international speakers and conference attendees.
  • To liaise with the Minister and Director of Education regarding sanctioning/legitimizing the ASCD BAHAMAS.
  • Liaise with the Bahamas Union of Teachers ( B.U.T.) and its leadership