Mrs. Tamara Stuart

Tamara Bain-Stuart obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Lee University in 1993. Mrs. Bain-Stuart has been employed by The Ministry Of Education (Bahamas) since September of 2002 as a School/ Guidance Counselor. Since her 2002 employment, she has had the opportunity to work in the capacity of School Counselor at all grade levels (K-12).  Mrs. Bain-Stuart has, on many occasions, served as a mentor for some of the new School Counselors.


In 2008, she served as the on-site supervisor for the Organization of American States’ in academic resiliency program in conjunction with College of The Bahamas.


She has received additional training in Agriculture at The Ohio State University. The aforementioned trainings afford her the opportunity to fully utilize Horticultural Therapy in her sessions with clients. In September 2011, she started The Future Horticulturist Club (FHC). The Future Horticulturist Club exposes students in Grades K-6 to Crop Science and the many exciting Horticultural related careers.


Mrs. Bain-Stuart also has a passion for art and craft and designing.  Her passion can be seen in her jewelry and accessories, handbag and shell craft designs.


Presently she is posted at Gerald Cash Primary School in the Guidance and Counseling Department.